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A window opening to the West from Turkey, Izmir is hosting yet another important art event.

The city of Izmir, which has shaped the cultural and economic structure of layers of powerful civilizations in history, has always been a center of interest in the region with its favorable geography and climate as well as with its amiable and warm people.

Izmir, which has been a key factor in Turkey’s artistic circles with many great artists it has nourished, has been realizing major projects as an artistic center of attraction thanks to advantages provided by its original identity and within the scope of its artistic responsibilities. Various institutions cooperate by combining their assets and help obtain successful results in Izmir.

The first EgeArt Art Days Event was realized in 2005 within the framework of 50th anniversary organization of the foundation of Ege University, the oldest and most prominent university in the Aegean Region. In time, the event was embraced by the whole city and acknowledged all over the country.

The 4th EgeArt Event to be organized at Ege University Ataturk Cultural Center between 09 and 13 December 2011 and at various cultural centers and art galleries of Izmir between 09 and 25 December 2011 will bring together Ege University and all art loving institutions and individuals of Izmir with a new enthusiasm. Thus, art, which is a major asset in modern societies, will prevail again in Izmir.