Koray ARİŞ

Koray Ariş Koray ARİŞ was born in 1944. Between 1963 and 1968, he studied at the Şadi Çalık Workshop in the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture. Following his graduation he went to Rome and attended the sculptor Emilio Greco’s workshop from 1969 to 1971. Until 1974, he continued working on sculpture at his own factory in Rome. He returned to Istanbul and assumed a role as a teaching fellow in 1975 at the academy where he graduated. He resigned in 1977. From this date on, he continues his works at the factory he founded in Çatalca, Istanbul. His sculptures have been displayed at various group exhibitions and biennials in Italy, France, Belgium, Hungary, Serbia, Egypt and Turkey.
Solo Exhibitions1972 Galleria La Nuova Pesa, Rome

1973 Galleria L’Indiano, Firenze

1976 D.G.S.A. Osman Hamdi Salonu, Istanbul

1980 Galeri Bi-Ze, Istanbul

1984 Galeri Beyaz, Bodrum

1985 Maçka Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul

1985 T.A.D. Galerisi, Izmir

1986 Galeri Nev, Ankara

1988 Maçka Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul

1988 Galeri Nev, Ankara

1990 Tual Sanat Galerisi, Izmir

1991 Galeri Nev, Ankara/Istanbul

1994 Galeri Nev, Istanbul

1998 Aksanat, Istanbul

1999 Galeri Nev, Ankara

2002 Galeri Nev, Istanbul

2003 Galeri Nev, Ankara

2009 Galeri Nev, Istanbul

2012 Türkiye İş Bankası Kibele Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul (retrospective)