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Ege University will host the 2015 EgeArt Art Days to promote the following objectives:
  • To promote İzmir as a city where international art events are held and to bring a new initiative to the audience, artists and arts within the context of these events.
  • To facilitate cultural interaction by bringing together 50,000 foreign national students studying in various cities throughout Turkey, with artists from countries around the world.
  • To bring together international artists in various fields and to share their work with art lovers in order to enrich the artistic psyche and thereby facilitate the advancement of the arts.
  • To create an environment where the arts are debated and knowledge is shared through talks, concerts, movie viewings, panels, live performances, stage events and similar activities with the participation of government and private organisations operating in the field of arts.
  • To provide communication and interaction between artists by communicating and sharing knowledge among artists through the exhibitions held in the field of contemporary arts.
  • To facilitate the growth of young artists by providing them with the opportunity to interact with experienced artists.
  • To provide art collectors with a chance to enlarge their collections and to make it possible for new collectors to arise in order to facilitate the growth of the arts market and popularize the arts.
  • To facilitate the improvement of tourism, economy and international relations through this event.